Size Guide

Standard size of pillowcases:

The Netherlands: 60x70



Standard size of duvet covers:

The Netherlands, single duvets: 140x200

The Netherlands, double duvets: 200x200 or 240x220.



All bedlinen from Abate are made out of 100% Oeko-tex® certified, extra long staple Egyptian Giza cotton. 

Normal cotton is harvested using industry scale machine harvesters that often damage the cotton during harvest. Our cotton is carefully hand picked to preserve the quality of the cotton buds through the harvest.

After picking, the cotton is combed to separate the longest from the shortest fibers, and the longest fibers are then spun into our threads. With longer fibers fewer fiber ends protrude from the thread, and this makes the thread stronger, softer and the finished fabric will experience less pilling over time.

With longer fibers it is possible to create a thinner thread while maintaining or even increasing its strength. This makes it possible to weave a lighter, softer fabric that lasts longer compared to normal cotton fabrics. The difference can be felt when you stroke your hand over the fabric. You feel less resistance and stiffness in a fabric with long fibers, and the fabric becomes lighter and breathes better.

Our weaving and sewing is done in a family-run factory located in the Guimarães district of northern Portugal that dates back almost a hundred years. We chose to produce at this factory to ensure high standards in terms of production quality, good working conditions for textile workers and high environment standards.

The increased fabric strength means that you get a product that keeps its quality over time and stays beautiful longer. This is a benefit to both you and the environment.

For more extensive information on our quality and production please follow this link, "Our Products".